The DYL Difference

The DYL Difference

Tired of Being Treated Like Garbage By Your Phone Company?

Let’s be honest. Your phone company doesn’t care about you. You’re just a number in their system, not a human being. They act like they’re doing you a favor by giving you phone service.

At DYL, every customer matters. That’s why we’re not just a phone company - we’re a system designed to make your business thrive.

Phones That Work

You’re busy running your business. But guess what? These overloaded, understaffed phone companies think it’s okay for your phones to be down all day. We think that’s unacceptable.

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Don't Get Nickel and Dimed

Are you getting nickel-and-dimed for every little feature? You thought you got a great deal, but then when your bill arrives, you feel like you got the bait-and-switch.

Feature DYL 8x8 Fonality Vonage Business
Virtual Office Included $39.99/mo $5/mo per user (with pro)
Call Recording Unlimited $12.99/GB over 1GB $20/mo per user $49.99/mo
Toll-free Calling Minutes Unlimited 3¢/min 3¢/min 3¢/min over cap
Paperless Fax Included $39.99/mo $10/mo $14.99/mo
Conference Bridge Included (with pro) $5/mo per user (with pro) $14.99/mo + 3¢/min
Virtual Extension Included $9.99/mo $14.99/mo
Auto Attendant Included $24.99/mo
Call Queue Included (with pro) (with pro) $14.99/mo + 3¢/min
Call Monitoring Included (with pro) (with pro) $49.99/mo
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See how much money you can save by switching to DYL

That’s how we roll. Your bill is simple, with no surprises. We just give you the best phone system, at a fair price, with no contract.